Listen as Co-Founders Connor Firmender and Natalie Finazzo bring to you a new educational side of Fieldr. Each episode features a community leader, employer, or student to inform, educate and motivate on a variety of topics. Be sure to follow us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and Youtube!

Episode #001

Topic: COVID-19 in the Workplace: “What Now?”

Episode #002

Topic: Working remotely while staying productive and resourceful during Coronavirus.

Episode #003

Topic: Best-practices for businesses to sustain with less monthly revenue and retention

Episode #004

Topic: The COVID Workforce Generation as they emerge into a new era of business and learning.

Episode #005

Topic: Reviewing the CARES Act in-depth and in-summary with a brilliant financial advisor here in SWFL.

Episode #006

Topic: Startups during this crisis, pressing forward through the entrepreneurial journey.

Episode #007

Topic: Chris Littel and Fieldr CEO Connor will dive into the early stages of starting a business.

Episode #008

Focus:  Leadership, Ambition, and Business Staffing (particularly in leadership roles)

Episode #009

Focus: Diving into core skills in leaders and how students can shape themselves into the best leader.